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[mylyn-pmc] Maven workswith request

Mylyn PMC,

I've filed a Workswith CQ[1] per the Eclipse Third Party Dependency Policy [2] for Maven.  Per instructions from Sharon Corbett, could the Mylyn PMC pleasediscuss/vote on the Workswith request[1] via the PMC Mailing List?

To give more context, Mylyn WikiText provides a Maven plug-in.  The plug-in requires all of Maven to run, including bits that are not a part of the maven-plugin-api (which already has approved CQ 7658[3]).  The missing bits of Maven must be installed by the user in order to run Maven with the Mylyn WikiText plug-in.  In other words, the transitive dependencies aren't automatically downloaded by using/downloading Mylyn WikiText.  It's also possible to use Mylyn WikiText without Maven for other things which aren't related to Maven. 

The Maven plug-in provided by Mylyn WikiText was created as part of this enhancement:

420006: create a Maven plug-in for generating Eclipse Help from wikitext

Please let me know if you have any questions or would like more information.





David Green
VP of Architecture, Tasktop
Committer, Eclipse Mylyn
+1-778-588-6896 ext. 115

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