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Re: [mylyn-pmc] proposed changes to project structure

Hi Steffen,

sure I understand the fact that you want to regroup the projects that you lead, it makes cense.

However, I do not get, if Mylyn docs remains a top-level component and is not pulled-up in the Task Focus Interface, why should its sub-projects (which are Intent & VEX) be moved out of it ?

According to me, it still makes a lot of cense to have Intent inside Mylyn doc as we strongly rely on Wikitext (and are about to pull up some of Mylyn Intent features inside Wikitext, see ).

Just my opinion about this, of course I'll be OK with the project structure you propose.

BTW, we want to provide a 1.0 release Mylyn Intent out of incubation for the release after Luna (Luna will embed the latest incubation version of Intent, 0.9). I will contact you to see what are all the requirements to be directly part of Mylyn (should I use the same download area/ update site / builds / Target Platforms...).

Best regards,

Le 07/11/2013 10:05, Steffen Pingel a écrit :

I would like to bring everyone's attention to a proposal posted by Gunnar. We are proposing to flatten the structure of the top-level project by promoting all sub-sub projects to sub-projects and consolidating some of them. We would end up with the following structure under the top-level project:

- Task Focused Interface (unifies Builds, Commons, Context, Reviews, Tasks, and Versions)
- Docs (as it is today)
- Intent (move out of docs)
- VEX (move out of docs)
- Incubator (as it is today)
- Model Focusing Tools (move out of sub-structure, discuss future with committers)
- R4E (move out of sub-structure, discuss future with committers)

Please join the discussion on this task:

 404270: create Mylyn m4 project proposal

And maybe we can even revamp the website this time around :).


Steffen Pingel
Principal Software Engineer, Eclipse Mylyn
Mylyn Tasks Lead

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