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[mylyn-pmc] pre-req/works-with dependency for desktop search component


we have recently added a Desktop Search component to the Mylyn
Incubator. It's an extensible API that allows contributions of desktop
search providers through an extension point.

Currently, there is only one provider for a Windows specific
implementations using JNI which is attached in a patch on bug 349351.
It includes native code that needs to be build against a number of
Windows APIs listed on bug 349630.

The question that came up is if this is a pre-req or works-with
dependency and if we would need to file a CQ?

Currently, the code is in the Mylyn Incubator project and would not
get released. We would like to make bundles available from the
Incubator snapshot repository though that would include a dll with the
native code.


Steffen Pingel
Senior Developer,

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