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[mylyn-intent-dev] [Intent] Code contribution

Dear developer list members,

Obeo participated to an ITEA3 R&D project ModelWriter:

In this project we tried a new approach to the Intent project goals. We
didn't cover the authoring since providing a dedicated editor was a
problem for adoption. As a consequency we do not provide a custom file
format, we also aim to link elements without changing referenced

This new software component is developed as an API that can be
implemented for specific types of documents. For the moment text files
and EMF models are supported. The code is still in a PoC stage.

Currently the code is hosted on github:

The next step is to move part of this code in the Eclipse Intent
repository. The current code of Eclipse Intent repository will be

We already changed the Intent project web site and added videos
demonstrating the new approach:

The all idea is to offer new perspectives to the Intent project.

Yvan Lussaud.

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