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Re: [mylyn-dev] Are we changing the basic requirements for the "new" mylyn


"new" Mylyn is aligned with SimRel 2022-12, that means Eclipse Platform 4.26, Java 11 and many updated dependencies.
Moreover, when Eclipse Platform will jump to Java 17 - "new" Mylyn will follow it. I think this is what majority of Eclipse SimRel participants would do.

I can hardly imagine how all the old targets could be supported in the scope of Mylyn project, because it would require an effort comparable with implementation of Mylyn functionality from scratch.

For these who needs changes for older Eclipse Platform versions we have published sources to start from (
If there is a commercial interest regarding reviving Mylyn for particular Eclipse-based product, one can contact available Eclipse experts (including me) for commercial support.


2/2/2023 10:28 AM, George Lindholm пишет:
To add some fuel to the fire:

The incoming GitHub Connector used Java 11.

The *.launch files uses Java 1.6 (and JVM options that have been removed in later JVMs)


On 2023-01-05 13:57, Gunnar Wagenknecht wrote:
On Jan 5, 2023, at 20:46, rsbecker@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

There is a fundamental licensing difference between Java 11 and Java 17. Java 11 is more restrictive. Java 8 and Java 17 are closer in their intent. There are limitations on Java 11 that may not allow mylyn to be used broadly. Please consult the Oracle Java licensing statements prior to making a final decision on this.

Randall, the Oracle Java licensing statement are not relevant to such a decision. The project can also not take this into account. The decision being made here is about language compatibility. If 11 is selected it will also run on 17. 

Users (customers) of Eclipse are free to select the Java runtime of their choice. 


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