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Re: [mylyn-dev] release plan

2010/11/25 Steffen Pingel <steffen.pingel@xxxxxxxxxxx>
On mylyn-builds-dev the question came up what milestone to create in Bugzilla. Generally, we said each sub-project is free to manage their own releases and versions but we do encourage coordinated  releases of the Mylyn top-level project similar to how the Indigo train synchronizes releases on an Eclipse level.

We haven't finalized the Mylyn release plan but I have pasted a suggestion below that's along the lines of what we discussed on a previous call. We can discuss in more detail on next week's call.


March 2011:
  Commons, Context, Docs, Tasks: 3.5
  Builds, Reviews, Versions: 0.7
  EGit: 0.10?

June 2011:
  Commons, Context, Docs, Tasks: 3.6 (Indigo)
  Builds, Reviews, Versions: 0.8
  EGit: 1.0

November 2011:
  Commons, Context, Docs, Tasks: 3.7
  Builds, Reviews, Versions: 0.9
  EGit: ?

June 2012:
  Mylyn 3.8/4.0 (Indigo+1)
  Builds, Reviews, Versions 1.0 (Indigo+1)
  EGit: ?

Current EGit/JGit release schedule is 
  Dec 15 2010 : 0.10
  Mar 2011 : 0.11
  June 2011 (Indigo) : 1.0

We do this 3 monthly cycle since our first release at Eclipse in Mar 2010 (0.7)


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