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[mylyn-dev] linking in mylyn and other places

Our colleagues from Atlassian came up with a link syntax that should work across different systems. It would be neat to support such linking in Mylyn. See more details in Atlassian blog at

In order to enable linking, we needed to agree on a consistent link syntax. This syntax permeates the suite; entering a JIRA key should be the same no matter which application you're in. We eventually settled on this syntax:

   * Issue Key = Project Key-number (eg. CONF-9024)
   * Changeset Number = revision:changeset# (eg.revision:4572)
   * SVN = source:file_name (eg. source:dashboard.action)
   * Confluence = [space_key:page] (eg. [DOC:home])
   * Crucible: review:XXX (eg. review:38956)


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