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[mylyn-dev] Mylyn code base usage for IntelliJ

Hi folks,

I am contemplating using Mylyn source code and port over into an Intellij plugin.

I'd appreciate any feedback on the below questions:

- would licensing for Mylyn allow me to do this.
- how does the general development community for Mylyn feel about this.
- does the Mylyn architecture have enough of abstraction points of its object model  to allow this to take place.  e.g. using maybe a MVC  or a way to modify the view seamlessly ?  Or would the GUI and model be too intertwined to make this difficult.
- What portions of Eclipse platform does Mylyn heavily depend on for its functionality ?
- Is there anything in SWT  that mylyn relies upon that might not be present in Swing (IntelliJ) ?
- How well is the code documented

I have a very rudimentary knowledge of the Eclipse plugin architecture, so forgive me for the basic questions.

Any other suggestions appreciated as to how to go about doing this. 


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