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Re: [mylyn-dev] Documentation for Connector Development

Eric Bresie wrote:
> Can anyone provide guidance, pointers, or any additional information
> on how one goes about developing a connector for Mylyn?
> What classes and interfaces need to be implemented for a given
> connector for instance?
> I'm suspecting reviewing an existing one is probably my best bet, so
> I'm guessing the cvs connector would be a good starting point.

We've been looking at creating a mylyn connector for our project
management tools.

With the lack of proper documentation around, things are a bit difficult
if not impossible in the mylyn world.

I've got some suggestions on this front:
1. Improve javadoc -- there's very little documentation around mylyn
API, after which I ended up looking at bugzilla to see how to create a
2. Wiki pages - there's some documentation to get people started (It
definitely did help me get started -- but that's it)
3. Articles ( for developers so that they
could help create mylyn connectors.

Any show of hands ?
I'd definitely like to contribute towards point #1, maybe point #3 as well.

Any thoughts ?

Ketan Padegaonkar
I blog... therefore I am...

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and only four tellers?

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