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[mylyn-dev] Re: Mylyn integration build for Eclipse 3.4M2

Eugene Kuleshov wrote:

It seems like all update sites been changed to the new locations. Can you please update project web pages with complete list of new update sites.

Correct, they changed as per the message to mylyn-dev/integrators that you already replied. Now that there has been enough time for comment I will post the updated URLs on the downloads page and reply this thread once that's done.

I discovered that there is a new update site (probably the new dev builds for e3.3), but when trying to update from it I am getting no new features can be found, even so I actually see site.xml at the following location (perhaps feature jars or plugin jars aren't uploaded properly). Can you please check that.

Please read the part of my message prefixed with "Dev build users:" as that's almost certainly the problem you are noticing (I verified over the weekend). If you still can't download please file a bug report so that we can diagnose further.

Since others are likely to get into this v-build vs. I-build problem we will make the 2.1 builds of Mylyn all v-based (so as of tonight's build all can ignore the "Dev build users:" instructions), and switch to the new build numbering once we bump the version number to 2.2, since that will sidestep the numbering problem.


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