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[mpc-dev] Committer Election for Frederic Ebelshaeuser on Eclipse Marketplace Client™ has started

A committer election for Frederic Ebelshaeuser on project Eclipse Marketplace
Client™ (technology.packaging.mpc) was started by Leif Geiger with this

I would like to nominate Frederic Ebelshaeuser as a committer on the Eclipse
Marketplace Project. He has continuously helped us to maintain the
Marketplace Client in the past and pushed the concepts that help us modernize
the Client (MPC 3.0), see e.g.,
Recently, he took over the integration of the new Apache HttpClient into the
Eclipse Marketplace Client, see

I am confident the whole project will benefit from having Frederic formally
on board as a committer.

Eclipse Marketplace Client™ project committers can click the election link
below to vote.



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