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[mpc-dev] MPC gets a public API

Hi all,

I wanted to let everybody know that as part of our 1.3.0 release for Luna,
MPC now has a proper public API. The inofficial internal API has been pretty
stable for a number of releases now, so it seemed only logical to make it

All relevant services to query the Marketplace REST API are now available in
org.eclipse.epp.mpc.core in the org.eclipse.epp.mpc.core.service package.

The core data model used by the services has been extracted to interfaces in
the org.eclipse.epp.mpc.core.model package. This required some small changes
to the old internal model classes and some overloading of method signatures
in the internal DefaultMarketplaceService implementation to use the new
public data model.

I expect most client code to be unaffected by this. If you are using the
internal service definitions, you will see some deprecations, but migrating
to the official API should be trivial and straight-forward.

The Marketplace Wizard has also got a bit of public API now, Allowing to
launch the wizards with more control over its initial state.

Please use to comment
on the new API or raise new bugs if you have additional use cases that are
not currently covered.


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