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[mpc-dev] New MPC 1.2 RC2 - please test remediation

Hi all,

The RC2 build of MPC is public and as always you can get it from

As discussed in bug 409019 [1], we've disabled the new remediation support
by default after some issues were identified, so we can test it some more
before exposing users to it.

I encourage everybody to test the new remediation features nevertheless. The
more eyes we get on this, the better. You can enable remediation by setting
the system property


e.g. by appending the following line in your eclipse.ini in the eclipse
installation folder (somewhere after the -vmargs line):


Carsten Reckord
  t  +49 561 5743277-33
  f  +49 561 5743277-8833
  e  reckord@xxxxxxxx

Yatta Solutions GmbH
  Sitz der Gesellschaft: Kassel
  Amtsgericht Kassel, HRB 14720
  USt-IdNr DE263191529

  Johannes Jacop,
  Dr. Christian Schneider

  Ludwig-Erhard-Straße 12
  34131 Kassel

  t  +49 561 5743277-0
  f  +49 561 5743277-88
  e  info@xxxxxxxx

  Kasseler Bank eG
  BLZ 520 900 00
  Kto-Nr 158 305

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