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Re: [mpc-dev] Critical Bug in MPC

EPP builds 20130528-1643 (and later) contain the necessary metadata (see [1])

These can be used for early testing what's going to be in RC2. In addition to that I hope to see [2] in RC3 next week.



On Tue, May 28, 2013 at 7:54 PM, Ian Skerrett <ian.skerrett@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I appreciate it might be hard to find combinations but I think it is
important we find others. If you have only tested with JBoss and JRebel why
should we expect it will work with others?

I am interested in testing remediation from MPC since you want us to include
it in MPC. If we don't have a test plan from the within MPC then I am not
sure how we validate it actually works. I think the error with the packages
points out that we need to be testing from the most common use case, ie. MPC
within packages.


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In order to see the remediation, you need to find combinations of things
that are incompatible with each others so the remediation kicks in. And
admittedly, the ecosystem is so backward compatible that it is sometimes
hard to find :)

Through most of the development I either used the JBoss, JRebel or
specifically crafted metadata.
For JRebel, I've been able to reproduce it by first removing from my
installation all the existing p2 repos, and then doing the install from
MarketPlace. To remove repos, go to Preferences > install / update >
Available software site and delete all entries.
Maybe this trick will help with triggering more often.

I know that you are mostly interested in testing MPC itself, but since the
remediation support which seems to be your main point of concerned, is
almost entirely coming from the p2 (including the remediation page), you may
also want to try out plain p2 and the scenario that Markus has been



On Tue, May 28, 2013 08:36, Ian Skerrett wrote:
> Pascal,
> Thank you for this list. It is great that all these plugins install
> correctly but it seems we need more test cases that actually test the
> remediation code. Besides JBoss Tools what else can be installed that
> will test remediation?
> Here is a list of solutions that have the highest numbers of
> unsuccessful installs.
> 1             Maven Integration for Eclipse WTP (Incubation)
> 2             EGit - Git Team Provider
> 3             JBoss Tools (Juno)
> 4             Maven Integration for Eclipse
> 5             Spring Tool Suite (STS) for Eclipse Juno (3.8 + 4.2)
> 6             Eclipse Visual Editor
> 7             Sonar
> 8             Android Development Tools for Eclipse
> 9             Subversive - SVN Team Provider
> 10           JBoss Tools (Indigo)
> 11           GitHub Mylyn Connector
> 12           P4Eclipse
> 13           JBoss Developer Studio (Juno)
> 14           Spring IDE
> 15           eUML2 Studio edition
> 16     %

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