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Re: [mpc-dev] Remediation support and MPC target platforms

Hi Carsten,

I think that your ramblings were not completely off topic ... it's true that getting the MPC updated in an EPP package is not possible, but keep in mind that other adopters might have added MPC into their products.

Wind River, for instance, is shipping a product based on Eclipse Platform 3.8.1 and will continue doing so for all of 2013. We haven't added MPC as part of our offering so far, but I'm seriously considering doing so. Because having the MPC in our product would enable our product to accept installing plugins by drag-and-drop .

For me personally it's not a very big deal what you do with the Kepler MPC; in case it's decided that we add MPC to our product (which is not decided yet), I could use last year's MPC or I could use the Kepler MPC  when I also update the Equinox dependencies in our base Platform (which I think should be possible).

Just to give you some wider context that EPP is not the only channel where MPC might be distributed.

I think the real question is for Ian as the product owner, whether he wants the new MPC features developed this year to be available on older releases.

Martin Oberhuber, SMTS / Product Architect - Development Tools, Wind River
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On 07.05.2013 23:32, Pascal Rapicault wrote:
> Though this is true, the conditions where this would work are rather 
> specific, since the user would have to have added the MPC repo or the Kepler repo, and have originally installed MPC by himself since the MPC in EPP can't be updated individually.

Oh, I'm so sorry. You are absolutely right. That's one thing I always forget since I actually don't use the EPP packages myself and do just that - use the SDK and install MPC into it.

So ignore my ramblings from earlier. Maybe Benny or Steffen remember another important case that I don't see currently, otherwise count me in.
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