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Re: [mpc-dev] Request for Proposal for MPC development



We have selected Yatta to do the development work for the MPC Kepler release.  I hope to have more details in the next couple of weeks.





From: mpc-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:mpc-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx] On Behalf Of Ian Skerrett
Sent: January-11-13 4:18 PM
To: 'Communication between MPC committers'
Subject: Re: [mpc-dev] Request for Proposal for MPC development




As a reminder, January 15 is the deadline for proposals to do this MPC work.





From: mpc-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:mpc-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx] On Behalf Of Ian Skerrett
Sent: December-21-12 2:24 PM
To: Communication between MPC committers
Subject: [mpc-dev] Request for Proposal for MPC development


The Eclipse Foundation would like to request proposals from individuals or organizations (contractor) to help improve the functionality of the Eclipse Marketplace Client (MPC).  MPC is an Eclipse open source project that allows Eclipse users to install Eclipse plugins listed on Eclipse Marketplace directly into Eclipse.


Proposals should include a description and price to develop, test and document the following requirements:


Bug Fixes

337774  - We need to make it easier to install multiple plugins

382134 – MPC using wrong version of the platform

385936 – Proxy settings for multiple catalogs

323259 – Show star rating in MPC

395507 – Include HTML in summary description of listing

341014 – marketplace switch should have a label like “Marketplaces”

314936 – Categories Listing is not dependent on the Market category children

374105 – Improve error message when there is no connectivity with the marketplace server

New Features

-       Provide the ability to add a new tab to the MPC that will display an html page.  This tab would be used to communicate Eclipse news to MPC users.

-    Release Management

Contractor will be responsible for ensuring the MPC project is part of the Kepler releases, including SR0, SR1 and SR2.  This includes making the MPC available for each Milestone and RC release and following the Kepler release train requirements.


Community Support


Contractor will be responsible for responding to bug reports and forum post during the Kepler releases. In addition, contractor will be responsible for supporting the MPC the inclusion in the Eclipse Packages produced by the Eclipse Packaging Project (EPP).



Platform Support


MPC needs to be supported on the Eclipse 4.3 platform that will be release with the Kepler release train. MPC should be tested and supported on the same operating systems as the Eclipse 4.3 platform.




Work will need to be completed in time for the Kepler M6 release on March 20th.



All proposals must be submitted to Ian Skerrett (ian.skerrett@xxxxxxxxxxx) by January 15, 2013







Ian Skerrett

VP of Marketing and Ecosystem

Eclipse Foundation

twitter: @ianskerrett


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