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[mpc-dev] Plans for MPC in Kepler

I would like to put together a project plan for an MPC update as part of Kepler.  FWIW, the Foundation has a *limited* budget to fund some feature development.  I’d like to collect ideas for what people would like to see in a release. 


As a starting point, the following bugs I’d like to see addressed:


337774  - We need to make it easier to install multiple plugins

382134 – MPC using wrong version of the platform

385936 – Proxy settings for multiple catalogs

323259 – Show star rating in MPC

395507 – Include HTML in summary description of listing


Some other things I’d like to see added:

-          It would be nice to be able to specify which version of Eclipse each plugin support and based on the MPC only show the relevant plugins.  This would require changes to Marketplace web site and MPC.

-          I’d like the ability to add a new tab to MPC. Specifically, I’d like to have a tab that we use to communicate news to MPC users.



Let me know if you have other ideas or feedback on the above.  My hope is to finalize a list before Christmas.





Ian Skerrett

VP of Marketing and Ecosystem

Eclipse Foundation

twitter: @ianskerrett


Plan to attend EclipseCon 2013 and ALM Connect

Boston, MA March 25-28 2013



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