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[mpc-dev] MPC Test Juno


I've tested the current MPC Build with the RC4 Builds of Eclipse Juno. In
the first place I tried all the different EPP packages, checked if the MPC
is installed properly and installed on every package one solution.

In addition I took the Eclipse Classic Build, installed MPC (from the Juno
Update-Site) and tested the XML-Interface described in the wiki
(, tested the General UI
appearance, the Drag'n'drop with various browsers and the installation

I found only some small things:

1. If you drag a solution from the browser into an opened MPC wizard, a
second wizard is opened
2. The listing coming from the server is not transparent
	For example the recent-listing: if you leave the query-string you'll
get another listing
3. The text-search is also not transparent (regarding wildcards, fuzzy or
parts of words)

If you're interested in the detailed testing-log please send me a message.


Tom Seidel, Dipl.-Ing.
Independent Eclipse-Developer

mail    tom.seidel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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