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Re: [mpc-dev] dependency resolution

Hi Stéphane,

this depends on the marketplace you're solution is listed on. The update sites from the "Install New Software" dialog are not taken into account.

What will be used are the update sites listed as part of the (marketplace) catalog description. For the "Eclipse Marketplace" there is a "dependencyRepository" which contains Helios and Indigo bits (in fact it is a composite repository).

Yoxos for example is completely self-contained and thus has no dependency repository.
Which marketplace are you referring to?


2011/7/28 Stéphane Bouchet <stephane.bouchet@xxxxxxx>

just a question about the third party marketplace catalogs.

We provide a feature that requires EEF thru our marketplace.

Triyng to install this feature from helios base lead to a "cannot find feature EEF" error.

my question is : does the marketplace client check out the provided p2 repo available in the "install new software" dialog ?

because EEF should be picked up in the commmon helios repo.


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