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[mpc-dev] Sign-off on third party catalogs

We are getting close to the Indigo release, RC1 is coming out today.   I would like to start having the third party catalogs sign-off on each RC release.   Right now, we have an Obeo and Yoxos third party catalog and I believe representatives from each are already on this list.

What I would like to propose is the following process:

1. Once the EPP packages have been created and available for testing, each catalog provider downloads at least one package for testing.
2. The EPP package maintainers have typically 24 hrs to test their packages before release.   Therefore, the third party catalog providers should be able to do testing within this period.
3. Once testing is complete, third party catalogs put a +1 on the mpc-dev mailing list.  
4. If no +1 is received, the catalog will be removed from the list of catalogs.   As a reminder, the list is controlled by the Foundation, so removing it will not effect the packaged.

Does this make sense to everyone?   It would be great to have +1 for RC1 but I realize this is short notice so we will continue to include all catalogs.  For RC2 we will start to follow this sign-off process or some for of it.


Ian Skerrett
Director of Marketing
Eclipse Foundation
Tel: 613-224-9461 ext 227
Twitter: IanSkerrett

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