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[mpc-dev] MPC M7 status

Hi list,

thanks again for accepting me as a new team member of MPC, it's an honour to work with all of you to help our users leverage the ecosystem we have.
In the last days, I worked on several bug fixes for the upcoming M7 release, here is a list of bugs I fixed / smaller feature requests I implemented:

342376: Support i18n

342696: '&' not escaped properly

341013: Selecting a tag should show text in find field

340238: error message should refer to solutions not connectors

340252: IllegalArgumentException while hovering over catalog

340241: improve error handling when catalog is not available

340218: failed to use Share -> Email

313581: splitting code and configuration of the Marketplace Client

That said, it would be good to have some early testers before the M7 contribution and input on outstanding design flaws like:

341014: marketplace switcher should have a label like "Marketplaces"

The last integration build can be installed from

Benjamin Muskalla
Tasktop Technologies

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