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Re: [mpc-dev] UI Review for Tags

2) Should we limit the number of tags that we show?   Nathan, I am assuming we don't limit the number of tags in the web ui.   However, I think we should consider limiting the number of tags we display in MPC.   I suggest we only send to MPC 5 tags for display.   Does this make sense to everyone?

While I think it is a good thing to limit the amount of tags, I think this should be handled on the client side as every other marketplace would be able to provide hundreds of tags. Limiting has the drawback to hide (maybe interesting) tags. This could be something we want to do on the server-side to sort tags according to the relevance (eg. the more a tag is used, the higher it's priority).
A good reason to limit on the server is so 1) if someone complains we can adjust the limit and 2) third party catalogs might actually want to have a different number.    On MP we recommend no more than 5 but some people don't listen to our recommendation  :(.

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