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[mpc-dev] -1 for Benjamin Muskalla on technology.packaging.mpc by David Green

David Green voted:
Though Benjamin has an excellent track record and history of valuable
contributions to Eclipse (127 fixed bugs, committer on EGit and RAP,
contributor to Mylyn, Platform UI and JDT) he has not yet contributed to
the Eclipse Marketplace Client (MPC) project.  From the Eclipse wiki on how
to nominate a committer (see
_a_New_Committer) the section \"What Should a Nomination Look Like\"

\"A committer nomination should explain the candidate\'s contributions to
the project and thus why they should be elected as a Committer. Cite the
bugs they have fixed via patches; cite the newsgroup postings they have
answered; cite the dev list design discussions to which they have
contributed; etc. In all cases, provide urls to source material: the bugs,
posts, emails, wiki pages, etc.\"

Without casting a shadow on Benjamin\'s excellent contributions to Eclipse,
I would like to delay the vote in order to observe the true spirit of the
Eclipse nomination process.  
Benjamin please accept my apologies.  We will proceed with developing
enhancements to MPC via patches and Bugzilla, and initiate the committer
vote at a later date if and when it\'s appropriate to do so.

Voting summary:

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