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[mpc-dev] Project Plan for Indigo

I would like to start to finalize a project plan for MPC 2.0 that will be part of Indigo.   Based on my previous e-mail about Themes for the release here is what I would like to propose.   I'd like to have feedback by December 1, so we can finalize the plan at that time.  Once the plan is finalize I will open bugs to track the detailed implementation requirements.

Theme:  Get More People to Use

1. Ability to launch an install from outside of MPC

-  A developer would be able to initiate the install of an MPC listing by pasting (or drag and drop) the meta information required to initiate an intall.  This would require MPC to have a listener always on when someone is using Eclipse.   

A specific use case would be that someone could be browsing the Marketplace web interface and from a specific listing drag the listing to a running Eclipse install and that would start the installation.  This is instead of having to start MPC and then search for a listing.

2. Allow users to share a list of their installed products to a friend

- The most simplistic form is that someone should be able to e-mail or maybe tweet, that they have installed a listing.  The e-mail would contain similar meta information as in #1.  This would allow the receiver to copy and paste it into a running Eclipse workspace.

Theme:  Usability

1. We need to make it more obvious the existence of the different marketplace catalogs.  I'd like to see better skinning for an external catalog and have icons at the bottom for the different catalogs, instead of having to go to another link.

2. We should look at showing the tags that have been defined for solution and allow the end user to search on the tags.

3. A search results should be paginated.  Right now an end user must go to the embedded browser. 

Other High Priority Bugs

1. MPC should retrieve list of catalog from a server

2. splitting code and configuration of the Marketplace Client   this depends on the effort involved.


Ian Skerrett
Director of Marketing
Eclipse Foundation
Tel: 613-224-9461 ext 227
Twitter: IanSkerrett

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