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Re: [mpc-dev] Unable to build

I changed to use the I-build. I now get this error instead:

Error: file .../org.eclipse.epp.mpc.ui/src/org/eclipse/epp/internal/mpc/ui/wizards/, line 269:
Cannot reduce the visibility of the inherited method from CatalogViewer

I get this in my workspace too, so it's not related to the Hudson build.


On 04/27/2010 03:37 PM, David Green wrote:

Yes, that's right.  Sorry, I should have given you the heads-up.


On Apr 27, 2010 6:30 AM, "Thomas Hallgren" <thomas@xxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi David,
The current build is using the p2 M6 milestone as the base. I guess it should use the integration build instead?

- thomas

On 04/27/2010 02:44 PM, David Green wrote:
> Thanks for the heads-up Thomas.  It builds just fin...

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