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Re: [mosquitto-dev] Is there a function in the broker to "delete" a topic

Hi Andrew,

I don’t know about internal functions.  But to delete a retained message, a client can send an empty message with the retain flag set.


On 5 Apr 2024, at 12:12, Andrew Thomas via mosquitto-dev <mosquitto-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hello all,


I am customizing the mosquitto broker, and I would like to be able to “delete” a topic.  As I understand it, that really just means removing retained messages for that topic.  I realize that the topic will re-appear if a client sends a new message to it, but this would still be very useful for my application.


Are there functions in the broker code that:

  • Remove the retained message for a topic, and
  • Remove the retained messages for a topic and all its descendants?





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