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Re: [mosquitto-dev] Throttling for outgoing messages from bridge

Hi Ajay,

This is Stefan from Cedalo. We are the main company behind Mosquitto.  
We have implemented such a Stream Processing plugin in the Pro Edition for Eclipse Mosquitto. I do not think that this will be put on the OS version anytime soon.
You can find an overview of the plugin here: and here

Best regards,


Am Fr., 29. Apr. 2022 um 09:27 Uhr schrieb ajay dinakaran <ajaydinakaran16@xxxxxxxxx>:
Hi Team,
   We would like to control the number of concurrent publish which happen from the bridge to the cloud broker. We see the "max_inflight_messages " property is working for the clients connecting to the mosquitto only. Is there any plans to bring in a feature to support throttling for the outgoing messages from the Bridge?

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