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Re: [mosquitto-dev] mosquito - MacBook Pro with M1

R Srinivasan <s@xxxxxxx> writes:

You left out the exact commands you used to build, leaving us to make
assumptions.  Please don't do that!   First, encode your build into a
shell script that you can run repeatedly, and then post it, the entire
output, and what you think is wrong.

> b. My goal is to build a binding to Ada and the FSF ada I have produces x86
> objects. Hence I have to build the api with the gcc that came with FSF ada
> which is: gcc (GCC) 11.2.0

If you want to cross-build for amd64, then you have to cross build.   I
am not sure if that works or not.   You could build on an intel mac and
use it on M1.

I have build tmosquitto on earmv7hf-el CPU (RPI 3B) under NetBSD and that
works fine.   I am pretty sure it builds on aarch64 (arm64, arm has too
many names) or I have noticed in the logs (of builds done by others).

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