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[mosquitto-dev] some questions about libmosquitto


I am trying to use libmosquitto client API into a project, using the async api,
but the followings are not clear to me :
  1. I like to perform a check to see the connection status, but no "mosquitto_is_connected()" or similar method is provided. Is there a way to know the status?
  2. I do not understand when the callback set with "mosquitto_disconnect_callback_set()" is called. Is it on unexpected disconnections? Or is it called when I call "mosquitto_disconnect()"? Or both?
  3. If I understand correctly, the async api should reconnect automatically in case of disconnection. Will it also automatically re-subscribe to the topics?
Can anyone help please?
Thank you,

Francesco Stefanni
R&D Gizero Energie Srl
phone: +39 045 4851723

Gizero Energie Srl
via della Scienza 25 - 37139 Verona (VR) Italy


ABS Computers Srl - Wolnet Srl - Gizero Energie Srl

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