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[mosquitto-dev] Mosquitto logs "Failed to associate persisted..." every restart, even without changes


I'm using mosquitto v2.0.13 built on CentOS 7.
Persistence is enabled and 1 bridge is defined.
There are multiple users configured.

Every time mosquitto is restarted the following message is logged.

Failed to associate persisted user testBridgeUser with ACLs, likely due to changed ports while using a per_listener_settings configuration.

There are no configuration changes at all.

Is there something wrong with the configuration?
The bridge works correctly as far as I can tell.

This is a version of the bridge configuration.
It is in a .conf file separate from the main mosquitto configuration.

# Bridge Configuration
connection test_bridge
bridge_protocol_version mqttv311
bridge_attempt_unsubscribe false
address test_bridge:1883
remote_clientid testBridgeUser
remote_username testBridgeUser
remote_password password

restart_timeout 5 30
keepalive_interval 30

cleansession false
topics here until end of file, some in, some out, all QoS 1




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