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Re: [mosquitto-dev] What does DB_CHUNK_MSG_STORE correspond to?

Hi Yves,

It is a stored message that comes from a received publish command. It contains information on the topic, payload and other items for that message that we only need to store once.

Retained messages then refer to a stored message, as do client messages, which are messages due to be delivered to a client. If each client message stored the payload for each message then there could be a large amount of duplication.

If you have lots of space being taken up by them, you either have retained messages or client messages. Clear retained messages by sending a zero length retained message to a topic, and clear client messages by connecting the client with clean start set true.



On Thu, 12 Aug 2021, 17:58 yves baumes, <ybaumes@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

In the output of db_dump tool, there is a section which is titled 'DB_CHUNK_MSG_STORE'. Is it associated with retained messages somehow? Or not related at all? If not, what does it correspond to?

It can take a lot of space in my db file and I need to clean it up.

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