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[mosquitto-dev] Not understanting the specifications


I'm reading the mqtt specifications mqtt-v5.0.pdf. And I should say that I am a little bit lost, especially concerning the QOS2 messages (PUBREC, PUBREL and PUCOMP workflow).

But for the moment I'd like to stick with simple questions concerning the QOS1 messages and workflow.

Section "4.3.2 QOS1: At least once delivery ", more precisely concerning the figure 4.2: isn't there a missed "store message" on the receiver side, when the receiver gets the publish msg?

Let's say the receiver is a Broker: shouldn't it store the PUBLISH msg, and then send the PUBACK msg back to the sender? Or ... initiate and *complete* delivery to subscribers and only then send back the PUBACK msg? The specifications look like it states that the message ownership may be transferred quite lightly, doesn't it defeat the purpose of message queuing? 

Thank you for answering, I hope my questions are clear. Excuse me if it is not, I am not a native English speaker.

Yves Baumes.

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