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[mosquitto-dev] Trying to report security vulnerability mosquitto_pub/_sub

Hello Mosquitto devs and mailing list users!

I am trying to report a security issue in mosquitto_sub and
mosquitto_pub. Per [1], I need to do that through the project's BugZilla
or by a mail to <security@xxxxxxxxxxx>. Since I don't think Mosquitto
has a BugZilla (rather, it uses GitHub Issues), I sent a mail.

I sent a mail detailing the issue with reproduction instructions on
May 16. Since I did not hear back, I sent another message on July 10, 
asking if they could please at least reply to let me know my message had
arrrived. I didn't get a reply to that mail either, unfortunately.

Could you please let me know where to report a security vulnerability in
mosquitto_sub and mosquitto_pub?

I did just check against master and the issue is still there.




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