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Re: [mosquitto-dev] Password file adjustments without restarting broker


From the mosquitto.conf man page:

password_file file path

    Set the path to a password file. If defined, the contents of the file are used to control client access to the broker. The file can be created using the mosquitto_passwd(1) utility. If mosquitto is compiled without TLS support (it is recommended that TLS support is included), then the password file should be a text file with each line in the format "username:password", where the colon and password are optional but recommended. If allow_anonymous is set to false, only users defined in this file will be able to connect. Setting allow_anonymous to true when password_fileis defined is valid and could be used with acl_file to have e.g. read only guest/anonymous accounts and defined users that can publish.

    If per_listener_settings is true, this option applies to the current listener being configured only. If per_listener_settings is false, this option applies to all listeners.

    Reloaded on reload signal. The currently loaded username and password data will be freed and reloaded. Clients that are already connected will not be affected.

The last line is the important bit, you can send a HUP signal to the process to get it to reload many of it's config files.

But using the authentication plugin is probably a better option, then you can store the username/password and ACLs in a database and update that as much as you want without having to kick the broker each time.

On 13/07/2021 09:58, Resources Callinetic wrote:

I was wondering if it's possible to add new users to the password file and let them connect without restarting the mosquitto broker.


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