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Re: [mosquitto-dev] How can I understand which version my Mosquitto Broker uses of MQTT?

On 7/3/21 4:55 PM, Baran Gürsoy wrote:
> I'm a beginner in MQTT, and I'm trying to use Eclipse Mosquitto's broker. I know it has a support for MQTT v5.0 but I can't figure out which version I use while publishing/receiving messages. I want to use MQTT 5.0. Can you help me? 

What your (own?) broker is talking to the client, depends on the capabilities of the broker. If you use a recent mosquitto, it talks all three protocols, and you define the actual protocol to use by defining it in your client publications.

It depends on the actual client you are using to talk to the broker/server.

But for mosquitto_sub you can add a '-V' or '--protocol-version' arguemument with values 5, 311, 31, or the more verbose mqttv5, mqttv311, or mqttv31. Defaults to 311.

Also using using the -d option (debug) you see a lot more info

> Also, is there any good dashboards for monitoring Mosquitto brokers? I know there isn't any built-in dashboards so, I'm open to recommendations.

Not sure what you want to see exactly: but to view/publish your data (not to monitor the broker) on Android I really like the 'MQTT Dash' app:


Richard Duivenvoorde

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