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[mosquitto-dev] RFC: Is there Interest in a Windows CE 7 Port?

Hi list,

This is my first post here, hello to all.

I'm writing to you as I have a working port of mosquitto 2.0.9 to Windows CE 7
I did for a client. The client is positive about contributing the changes back
to the community.

Before I file a PR, I'd like to know if there is general interest at all in such
a port to Windows CE 7. I'm asking because the patchset is not too trivial, some
parts would need review from you guys and it required adding into the
mosquitto codebase replacements for four libc functions and one WinSock
function that don't exist in Windows CE.

The patchset has 39 files changed, 524 insertions(+), 58 deletions(-) compared
to v2.0.9 (from where I started).

I'm happy to provide more detail, a complete diffstat or to simply file a WIP PR
if recommended by you guys (In fact,
is related.).

Christian Beier

what is, is; what is not is possible.

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