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[mosquitto-dev] mosquitto.conf - subscribed topics using MQTT protocol 5


I am using mosquitto broker with paho_mqtt client. I notice a problem in
the following scenario:
- MQTT Protocol set to 5
- Clean start = false and session expiry interval set to 30 secs

I configure the client for publication and subscription on a topic.
Terminate and restart mosquitto.

Expected behaviour:
- Should be able to receive messages on a subscribed topics after
Actual behaviour:
- Session not remembered, hence need to be resubscribed even when clean
the start is set to false by the client.
I am using mosquitto - 2.0.10. The behaviour is perfectly ok when used
with protocol 3.1.1.
What configuration variables should be set in mosquitto.conf to get this
working? Could you please provide inputs?
Please note, that this works fine when I use other mqtt brokers.


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