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[mosquitto-dev] pthreads recommended, optional, ?

(I am only addressing building in POSIX environments and completely
ignoring MS Windows in this message.) 

While updating pkgsrc to 2.0.10 I noticed a ton of warnings in the log
about pthread function redefinitions.  This seems to arise because
pkgsrc hides things that aren't declared depdendencies, but not quite
well enough for the replacement/dummy threads to not collide.

In and, it doesn't address pthreads, in
terms of if they are required or desired, or what the consequences are
of having or not having them.

In pkgsrc we tend to have libraries not link with pthreads unless they
need to or it is useful, because then things that use the libraries end
up linked with pthreads indirectly.  I realize now vs 10 years ago this
is more common and less of a concern.


  1) This is sort of a bug report about README not explaining about

  2) Should I add pthreads to mosquitto?  What's it doing without them,
  when the docs claim it is thread safe?  Is this only about the
  library?  Does it affect broker behavior?

  3) If yes to 2 does that impose any requirements on library users?

  4) If yes to 2 does that change the ABI of the library?  (more or less
  theoretical as nothing in pkgsrc depends on it

All in all I am getting the impression that pthreads are basically
required, but not 100%.


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