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Re: [mosquitto-dev] log__printf

Hmm a correction... As I progress with the build/port I realized that there are many files under lib that have the same issue: they all include "mosquitto_broker_internal.h" as well as "logging_mosq.h".
#ifdef out logging_mosq.h if WITH_BROKER is not defined is in my opinion wrong... 
It's mosquitto_broker_internal.h that should not have log__printf as a public exported function in first place... 

By the way, I have also another small issue like this (this time easier to fix): client/rr_client.c defines:
extern struct mosq_config cfg;
but this is already defined in the included file: client/pub_shared.h.
That line just needs to go...


On Sat, Mar 20, 2021 at 10:47 PM Fabrizio Bertocci <fabriziobertocci@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Roger,
Thanks for the reply.  Well, yes, I've noticed that those functions are on different modules, but there are some cases where some of the headers containing the function prototype gets included when compiling the same file (causing the build issue).
In particular, when building the db_dump (under subdir apps/db_dumps):
- Makefile compiles also lib/send_disconnect.c
- lib/send_disconnect.c includes:
    - src/mosquitto_broker_internal.h (when WITH_BROKER is defined) that defines log__printf (to be used by the broker)
    - lib/logging_mosq.h that defines log__printf again
causing compilation issues.
The worst part is that db_dump is not linked with neither libmosquitto nor the object from the broker that contains log__printf, and it ends up re-defining a dummy stub for all those missing functions.
(on a different note, the Makefile for db_dump should probably use APP_CPPFLAGS, APP_CFLAGS, and APP_LDFLAGS from instead of redefining its own)

Anyway, a simple fix to the header issue is to simply put a guard around including "logging_mosq.h" in src/send_disconnect.c if WITH_BROKER is defined:
#include "logging_mosq.h"

I can submit a PR with this fix. Let me know.

On Sat, Mar 20, 2021 at 3:45 PM Roger Light <roger@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Fabrizio,

Thank you, you're quite right that there was an int/unsigned int mismatch. I've fixed it now, but it would have never been a real issue happily.

For your other question, the three files you mention are for three separate parts of the project so they will never be linked together.



On Sat, 20 Mar 2021, 13:30 Fabrizio Bertocci, <fabriziobertocci@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I am trying to rebuild Mosquitto with the Cosmopolitan cross-platform library, and I've noticed that the log__printf is defined in multiple places:
- apps/db_dump/stubs.c
- lib/logging__mosq.c
- src/logging.c

The function signatures are similar but not exactly the same. On a normal build those differences are ignored by the compiler, but in my case they are not, and compilation fails (Linux gcc 9.3.0)

For example when building apps/db_dump, it builds lib/send_disconnect.c that includes first `src/mosquitto_broker_internal.h`, then `lib/logging_mosq.h` and both headers define log__printf, causing compilation problems.
(those problems apparently are ignored when doing a normal build, but they are treated as errors in my build system).
Also, the linker is going to have 3 versions to choose from (although there are rules to let the linker decide which one to pick, is not the most desirable situation).

Build system aside, there should not be 3 global functions with the same name, especially when there are apps (like db_dump) that use pieces from the libs and the broker.

Unfortunately I'm new to the internals of Mosquitto and I am not the right person to decide what's the best thing to do here.

Any advice?

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