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Re: [mosquitto-dev] Moving away from libwebsockets

> I do have in mind openwrt/yocto installations on tiny devices
> where switching from libwebsockets to picohttpparser+wslay
> might mean it is possible to provide websockets support on
> systems where is was not previously possible, given the
> reduction in object size.

For giggles, I added the numbers up.

For OpenWrt, on ath79/mips_24kc:

mosquitto-2.0.5+libwebsockets-3.1+openssl: 1193KB
mosquitto-next+wslay+openssl: 1105KB

so you get a ~7% size reduction, ~87KB.

The big cost is still openssl, that's 972KB of that total. Now,
you might need openssl anyway, so if you take that out, you're
still saving 87KB, but the saving is now ~40%

As for the library stability, given how massively flaky lws is, I
wouldn't really consider any arguments on lws vs wslay as being
particularly relevant, it can't be worse.

If anyone wants to play with this on OpenWrt, I've currently got
it packaged as "mosquitto-next" in the packages feed at

Karl Palsson

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