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Re: [mosquitto-dev] How do I have an admin user with ACLs?

On Februar 16th 2019 23.19.24 CET, Slow Bro <slowbro904@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Something seems to be very wrong on my server, but what? I'm using
>1.4.15-2ubuntu0.1 amd64.

Any particular reason for keeping at this? 1.4.15 is almost a year old. The ppa[1] can probably provide something more recent for your release.

>pattern readwrite house/%C/#

This will not match client id but only the literal string "%C" in the second topic component as the substitution characters 'c' & 'u' are case sensitive[2].
Versions from 1.5.1 will emit a warning that no substitution characters were found when parsing this line of the configuration.

In your original TLS/x509 test correctly using"%u" the user name seems to be confused with hostname in the acl specification. To my knowledge only the user names from password_file are valid in acls. Why that would keep the client from connecting at all seems strange though.


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