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Re: [mosquitto-dev] connect_callback called repeatedly

Hi Andrew,

You need to share some more details about what kind of software and is running and config details on the Pi.

With the callback you mean the connectionLost callback?

If you are running anything mosquitto on the Pi (D); Raspbian (Stretch) has a very old version of mosquitto packaged. You may want to add the Debian package repository to your Raspbian OS. One problem that was solved for me was connection problems to remote systems including bridging.

Kind regards,


On 12/29/18 10:30 AM, Andrew Holt wrote:
Hi All,

I have a very odd issue.

I have four different computers all runiing Linux, of one flavour or another and I've built an app, the ame code, on each.  These computers are:

A: Laptop running Ubuntu 18.04 64 bit
B: Nano-itx running Debian 8 (Jessie)
C: Friendly Arm NanoPi NEO runing Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS
D: Raspberry PI3 B+ Running Raspbian

All are as up to date as they can be, and all are on subnet

The mosquitto broker is running on Raspberry Pi 0 and on subnet

The command line tools (mosquitto_pub/_sub) work fine on all four devices.

My software runs fine on A-C. However on D I have the connect_callback beeing called multiple times.  All it does is print an identifying string, and the status code (which is always 0)

I have a disconnect callback that does the same, but is never called.  Any ideas as to a possible cause ?


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