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Re: [mosquitto-dev] MQTT QoS 2 protocol problem

On Wed, Sep 19, 2018 at 07:27:15PM +0200, Manuel Domínguez Dorado wrote:

> Mmm, sorry, I have not experience using Dart MQTT. I'd suggest that you use
> PAHO for Android at least for a small test only to discard that the problem

I don't program in Java on Android (Dart is using a native VM on Android),
but I think it's clear the problem is the client not sending the PUBREL.
I could do the same test with Python, to see if I get the same sequence
in time when sending messages fast.

Just wondering if anyone here has experience with the C# nMQTT, that seem
to be the reference code for this bad protocol implementation.

> Do you know if Dart MQTT allows you define the on-memory persistence of
> messages? A had also a problem similar that the one you describe when using
> MQTT client for nodejs (and finally I did not use it).

I can read the MQTT Dart code (and modify a local copy if needed, e.g.
to add debugging) and I also see an issue on Github that's probably
similar, so I'll continue investigation...


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