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[mosquitto-dev] Repository confusion


When it comes to downloads and repositories, things are somewhat confusing.

There is the Debian repository at [1], which doesn't have version 1.5.1 yet (which was released on August 18th). Also, it went from 1.4.15 (dot dot) to 1.5-0 (dot dash). Is that on purpose?

There is the Ubuntu PPA at [2], which doesn't have any 1.5.x yet.

Then there is the very old [3]; files from 2012.

For me, the Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial builds are the most important. I'm currently testing 1.5.1 with my own compiled version, but is the Ubuntu PPA going to be updated with 1.5.1? If so, I may prefer that build.



[1] https://repo.mosquitto.org/debian/pool/main/m/mosquitto/
[2] http://ppa.launchpad.net/mosquitto-dev/mosquitto-ppa/ubuntu/pool/main/m/mosquitto/
[3] https://mosquitto.org/files/binary/linux/