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Re: [mosquitto-dev] Mosquitto reconnect and MOSQ_OPT_SSL_CTX

(This thread exists on the web archive, but not in my mailbox....)

Hi Santosh,

In my understanding, mosquitto has not supported AWS ALPN yet,
although paho did. I think this feature is important, because I guess
a number of users use local mosquitto bridge connecting to remote AWS
IoT via https-proxy. Could you post as a new feature request?

Also refer .


  The Mosquitto reconnect functionality, when using loop_start(), does
not seem to work when the initial connection was established by
passing in my own openssl SSL_CTX in the call to
opts_set(MOSQ_OPT_SSL_CTX, ...). I need to pass my own SSL_CTX in
to set the ALPN protocol for AWS connections on port 443. There
doesn't seem to be anyway currently to do this directly at the
Mosquitto interface. Could anyone confirm this behavior? Is this a
Santosh S

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