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[mosquitto-dev] Mosquitto client issue

I'm using mosquitto client library in my application for publishing messages.

Publish data flow is ~0.2 MB/s (~1200 - 1500 msgs/s, each msg ~120 Bytes).

Every time when writing of outgoing packets initiated by mosquitto, function that writes data to socket called as many times as many messages in outgoing queue. But if limitation of inflight messages is set, number of packets ready for write is always less than number of messages in outgoing queue. As result all packets usually written by 1-2 calls, and other calls do nothing. This lead to performance issues, especially after disconnects, when queue increasing significantly, and also number of extra calls. In my case it ends in just ~2 - 10 msgs/s.

More detailed explanation of problem:

Can I expect that this situation will be fixed (soon)?

Thank you,
Sergey Shevchik

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