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Re: [mosquitto-dev] using ACLs and TLS.

On 2018-05-03 19:36, Leandro wrote:
> Using a second listener means to run another mosquitto process and a new
> port ?

No, that would be a second local broker (using the right bridge
configuration that could probably also do it).

However, "listener" is a mosquitto mechanism and keyword supported in
the configuration file for specifying a network interface, port and
associated options for the broker to bind to and accept network traffic on.

The default listener is set using the "bind_address" and "port" keywords
but multiple additional listeners can also be defined.
This is all quite clear from the documentation, see section "Listeners";

Per default all listeners will share the same topic domain but doesn't
have to, see the 'mount_point' keyword.

That was your 2nd), for the 1st) I guess you could be using a "pattern"
substitution ACL without a substitution character (inspecting the source
code of the parser that seems to be allowed).
The "pattern" keyword apply to all users regardless of preceding "user"
keywords in the ACL file, refer to the documentation of the file format
in the paragraph for the "acl_file" keyword:


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