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Re: [mosquitto-dev] Version 1.5 source available

Le 03/05/2018 à 01:18, Roger Light a écrit :
Dear all,

I've just made the version 1.5 source available, binaries will be
following later - I would normally have them available immediately but
a big merge at the end of the process delayed things.

There are more details over at

There will be another announcement about future plans in the next few days.



Hi Roger,

First of all, thanks for your work to make this release happen.

I'm currently testing this release without issue so far (a minor build fail that is easily fixed[1]).

I should have looked at authentication plugin earlier and I have some question about them. The new mosquitto_auth_acl_check no longer have the username or clientid directly provided in its arguments. How should we obtain them ? I've tried to update mosquitto-auth-plug [2] to support Mosquitto 1.5 but:

* either I don't have access to (struct mosquitto)->username (this struct is part of mosquitto_internal.h)

* or (the way I've take) I need to keep a mapping of (struct mosquitto) address to username. But the auth-plugin can't known when to purge an entry and it don't work for acl_check for persisted data





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