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Re: [mosquitto-dev] [PATCH] Add option to use tcp keepalive

Hello Edwin,

On 19.02.2018 15:50, Edwin van den Oetelaar wrote:
Is the TCP keepalive really solving a real use-case problem?

If so which one precisely?
Yes, it does. We have an IoT device on a metered connection on a tight budget. The connection is encrypted. If the device's power or connection is lost, the broker needs to find out rather fast.

I understand how TCP keepalive works and how MQTT-PINGREQ/RESP works.

How can you prevent clients for sending MQTT-PING/RESP when keepalive on TCP level is already active? (if you do not disable the PING/RESP you are increasing traffic instead of decreasing it) If the client does not have a reliable tcp channel, maybe it is better for the client to enable TCP-KeepAlive instead of the server (for every connection)
I can not prevent a client from sending frequent PING/RESP packets but it will be our code as well running on the clients. I will also not disable PING/RESP but use a slower rate. While badly chosen values for TCP keepalive can in fact increase the data usage, well chosen values can reduce the overall data usage (as it allows less frequent PING/RESP for the same perceived functionality). A TCP keepalive sent from the client does not allow the broker to realize that the client is gone. While it might help in some cases, it has no benefits in our use-case.

Just thinking aloud.
Edwin van den Oetelaar
Best regards

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