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Re: [mosquitto-dev] Mosquitto persistence file didn't grows.

Matteo Fracassetti <matteo.fracassetti@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Thanks for your suggestions, you're right: I was testing with
> mosquitto_pub and I noticed that the client_id changes every
> messages and I didn't specify the qos so "mosquitto_pub" goes
> defaults to 0.
> clean_session is a parameter related to bridges, there isn't
> the same options for standard listeners, right?

clean session is a property of a client. Bridges behave as
clients to other brokers, but all clients have a clean session

> Now I'm sending messages like this:
>      mosquitto_pub -d -h myhost.mydomain.tld -i 2833-sviluppo -q 2 -t 
> '/NLMG3MFQRDVCMZMW/id04/attrs' -m '{"status":3,"battery":2.0}'
> I stopped the IOT Agent which consumes messages from the
> mosquitto queue so I expect to see the mosquitto.db growing but
> is still at same size:

Is the _subscription_ at a higher qos? If the subscriber is still
only qos0, it doesn't matter what the publisher is publishing

Karl P

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